Monday, November 18, 2013

Becoming a published writer

My recently published poem can be seen and bought from this link:

I've never been a published writer for most of my life. I felt the strong urge to express my human individuality and emotional state of being, full of purpose as a young teenager. I spent time gathering influences from several different sources be it music or poetry. As a pre-teen in middle school, i devoted myself to write poem after poem about a variety of topics such as politics, love, the human soul, religion, spirituality, and self-conflict. Over the years, my goal would be to perfect my writing style and until high school, i became quite more accomplished in some of my poetry being shared with others. I was never one to making my works public, I've always been very quiet and often kept to myself, cautious not to attract any attention to myself, but after my first poem was published in high school, i had a stronger calling to share my artwork expressed through poetry with the world. I believe that my work deserves to be heard and shared with people seeking to find the need to connect with another person expressing ideas on how human nature works and how it ought to be shaped in a world full of so much suffering and so much beauty.