Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Samurai Jack season 5 episode 6 review

Watched Samurai Jack season 5 episode 6. I was a bit disappointed with the way this episode turned out but i enjoyed some of it. Here are my thoughts on the entire episode with spoilers included.

The episode begins with Ashi on what appears to be a blimp looking for Jack and encounters a few of Jack's old friends. As the story goes on, Ashi sees the impact that Jack has left in the world from the original series. Although i thought some of the scenes were completely random and didn't need to be there such as the Demongo scene. I was also surprised by Scaramouch being revived and make it his mission to tell Aku Jack has lost his sword.

Shockingly, we learn that Ashi's body "suit" was created out of tar when she was a child. It implies that she was naked this whole time and it took hours for her to scrap it all off. This scene is very interesting because it symbolizes Ashi's desertion of her original purpose to destroy Jack and into a new person. By Ashi dressing herself in plants, she becomes in tune with nature. It makes sense because of her appreciation of it throughout the season.

Finally, Ashi finds Jack in a graveyard and the identity of the mysterious samurai in the mist is revealed. He was a real entity of Jack's ancestors telling Jack that he has failed his purpose (via. upholding Bushido)and the only way to regain his lost honor is through Seppuku. Ashi intervenes and tells Jack that he's saved countless people. Jack is in a meditative state, unable to respond. We can already see that Jack believes that the children of the factory have died as a result but Ashi reminds him that they are still alive. The ancestors try desperately to stop Ashi from convincing Jack that he hasn't been dishonorable until Jack stops the ancestors from attacking her. Jack finally realizes that he still has a purpose in the world and finds the strength to return to the past. It's this willpower that allows him to conquer his foes and find his sword.

These are my concluding thoughts on the episode. Please feel free to add your own in the comments below.   

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