Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thoughts on upcoming Samurai Jack season

Samurai Jack is making it's return on Adult Swim in 2017 with a darker plot and theme along with a deeper level of violence. Several concept art has been released giving key information on what is happening. I watched an interesting video (link down below) giving insights into the events happening in season 5 which i highly recommend for viewers to see. A bloodied Jack appears boiling with anger as he is getting old and still has not vanquished Aku. He has finally reached his limits and plans on ultimately returning to the past.

Judging from this video and this picture, Jack has adopted modern technology rather than relying solely on his Samurai training as he did in the past. He realizes that the only way to defeat Aku is to adapt with the tools of the time he is in rather than shun them. Jack has taken on a more ruthless approach in an attempt to return his time even if it means breaking away from tradition. He becomes proficient in using his gun and riding his bike.

In my interpretation, Aku appears to have established his supremacy more than ever and have grown into a more powerful being. He knows that Jack is more than likely to achieve his destiny thus he achieves his ultimate form.

Jack seems to have developed into a darker character who's kindness has faded away. He will no longer be willing to help others at the expense of his journey back to his home. From the video, i predict the original ending where Jack defeats Aku and saves his homeland from destruction was erased. Since the show was brought back for a mature audience, Genndy Tartakovosky will take advantage of it and probably make the plot more complex. Jack may ultimately have to choose between undoing the evil of Aku in his past or saving the future from total destruction.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming final season of Samurai Jack? Write them down in the comments below!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bruce Wayne vs. Terry McGinnis as Batman

Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis as the Batman have their own unique differences that make their characters so memorable. That being said, i will compare and contrast the differences of both characters from the animated shows.

Bruce Wayne: 

* Lost his parents when he was just a child but allows this traumatic experience to transform him into a fearsome vigilante who is hellbent on preventing crime from happening to anyone else. 

* Trained by various masters in the martial arts and is very resourceful as well as intelligent. 

* Often uses intimidation and fear as weapons to match his dark mysterious character. 

* Puts on a fake persona during the day while unleashing the real Bruce Wayne at night as the Batman. 

* Committed his whole life to fighting crime. 

Terry McGinnis: 

* Like Bruce Wayne, he lost his father in a traumatic event and sought justice for it. 

* Unlike Bruce Wayne, Terry was a high school hooligan with no formal training. Nevertheless, we see Terry develop as the Batman and fight with spirit to compensate. 

* Terry McGinnis unlike Bruce Wayne is not wholly committed to fighting crime. He has a life outside of being the Batman. He has a girlfriend, friends, academics, and a family to care for which makes him relateable to a younger audience. 

* Terry McGinnis unlike Bruce Wayne was not obsessed with fear and intimidation. He often made light of situations with humor and occasionally focused on reasoning with supervillains rather than flat out punishing them.

After noting the similarities and differences between both characters, i've come to rethink which character would be more fit for the Batman role. While it is important for a superhero to be committed to fighting crime, should they do so even if it means putting up an image that society wants to see like Bruce Wayne did or should they keep their lives balanced like Terry has done? Should the ideal Batman have many skills and talents like Bruce does or fight with heart above all like Terry does? Who exactly is the better Batman in your mind? Let me know in the comments below.