Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lucha Underground season 1 episode 1 review

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and producer Mark Burnett of One Three Media announced the birth of an hour long TV show now known as Lucha Underground with affiliations to the promotion AAA. Lucha Underground made it's official debut on October 29 2014. The show's premise is as follows:

"Lucha Underground introduces U.S. audiences to the high-flying, explosive moves of lucha libre. An ancient combat tradition, watch as good and evil wage war in a gritty battleground called The Temple."

Dario Cueto, the owner and businessman of the show, is introduced. He gives us a brief history on Lucha Libre and what he plans to do with it in the future. He offers wrestlers worldwide to step up to the challenge of competing in the ring to win $100,000 while promoting ancient values such as honor, courage, and violence. What i loved about this segment was that it introduced Lucha Libre, a new style, to the mainstream audience in America and connected it to ancient history. It blended Kayfabe with reality T.V and a very interesting storyline.

Blue Demon Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero: What i loved most about this match was the introduction of Blue Demon Jr., the adopted son of Blue Demon who was a legend and one of the greatest wrestlers in his time. Blue Demon is an iconic figure among Mexicans and Lucha Libre fans so to see his son make an appearance in Lucha Underground was amazing. Even more thrilling was the fact that he competed against Chavo Guerrero, a wrestler from a newer generation. The match itself was intense and high flying as Lucha Libre is but also applies technical wrestling holds as well. A great way to start off the first episode.

Konnan and Dario Cueto segment: I was also thrilled see Konnan, a wrestler who's participated in many promotions such as WCW, TNA, AAA, and other indies being introduced. We could see that Dario Cueto is not at all what he seems and has interior motives in his plans. What i loved about this segment was the introductions and also how the plot develops so smoothly in a Telenovela format.

The debut of Prince Puma - The descendant of an ancient and fearsome Aztec tribe, luchador Prince Puma makes his debut on Lucha Underground. I found this to be a very interesting backstory as it blends the present with the past. Already we can see Prince Puma has alot of talent boiling up inside and a strong will to prove himself at Lucha Underground. He carries on the ancient traditions of his ancestors and the spirit animal of the Jaguar. Judging by his training segment, you can only imagine how ferocious he would be in the ring as the episode rolls on.

Sexy Star vs. Son of Havoc:

Sexy Star made her stunning debut as a charismatic woman reformed by her mask and newly taken identity as a luchador in a sport dominated by men. Her backstory is very empowering to men so when she was scheduled to face son of Havoc, you are already hyped up to see what she has to prove especially when son of Havoc says he will not wrestle a woman. She exhibits such athletic high flying moves that seem to be based on more than just Lucha Libre. After watching this match, i've learned that Sexy Star is very aggressive despite her small size and will not back down from any man in the ring.

Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo: Highly entertaining match with tons of flips and agile moves done by both wrestlers especially when Prince Puma gets knocked down but instantly jolts up like nothing happened. Johnny Mundo, AKA Johnny Nitro in the WWE, put on a surprising performance in and outside of the ring. I found this match to be quite interesting not only because of the moves, but also because of the shocking plot twist that occurs at the end.

Overall, i loved the first episode of Lucha Underground. It was a breath of fresh air. Every talent was evenly pushed. The matches are done differently from the norm, the storylines are highly intense and unpredictable, the characters are very believable, the fans are respectful and passionate, etc. Lucha Underground is for the wrestling fan and non-wrestling fan alike. I recommend it to anyone looking for action packed drama, innovative storylines, and a new environment from the typical wrestling shows.

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