Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My favorite commentators - Mike Tenay and Don West

Out of all the commentators in pro-wrestling, Mike Tenay and Don West are among my most favorite. Don West has had a reputation of being very knowledgeable on the pro-wrestling business. Don West has earned a reputation for being a very convincing salesman and building up great excitement in a pro-wrestling match.

Both of them make such a great team and are very passionate about pro-wrestling. They don't try to uphold a professional image or flaunt their expert knowledge all the time. They simply turned into passionate fans and gave in all their energy into their commentaries. You can have the knowledge but if you can't make wrestling uniquely exciting and special, you are better off sticking to more simpler approach. Mike Tenay and Don West did it very well. They made every match at TNA feel like a main event.

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