Thursday, August 25, 2016

Why Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart feud was epic

I'll never forget Stone Cold Steve Austin's legendary feud with Bret the Hitman Hart culminating at Wrestlemania 13. This is the greatest Stone Cold match if not one of the greatest i've ever seen between two legends in the history of pro-wrestling because of it's sheer simplicity. 

The feud began when Stone Cold began disrespecting Bret Hart and calling him out in interviews. Stone Cold was repulsed by Bret Hart's popularity and glamorous display. Stone Cold stood by the belief that the best wrestlers don't concern themselves with that. The best wrestlers go out there and beat everyone that comes in their path. 

After a series of attacks among each other especially with the sharpshooter. When the time came for Wrestlemania 13, Stone Cold would finally get his shot to prove that he is the best. The climax of the match ended with Stone Cold being put in the sharpshooter but refuses to tap out. As the blood pours out of his open wound, Stone Cold amazingly fights through the pain and tries to get to the ropes. Even when he could no longer do it, he still refused to tap. 

I loved this feud especially their Wrestlemania 13 as it was rooted in more than just talk. It was about athletic competition and actions. Stone Cold literally gave blood, sweat, and tears in what he believed in when opportunity knocked. The Stone Cold/Bret Hart feud gave fans many memorable moments that will never be erased from WWF history. 

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