Thursday, January 5, 2017

Why i love pro-wrestling staredowns

Ever since i became a fan of pro-wrestling, i have always loved staredowns between two wrestlers. I think many fans don't realize just how special staredowns are. Why do i love staredowns? Because staredowns are what create emotions and make a storyline feud all the more intense. Want to know one of the things that makes a match memorable? Staredowns. It's not the moves or the athleticism. Why is that? When wrestlers do staredowns, it gives the fans time to soak in all the emotions and fierce rivalry or bitter hatred the two wrestlers share for each other. Staredowns make feuds all the more believable when you think about each wrestler's skill level and history with the each other, the pain they caused each other, the intimate moments they shared with each other in the ring, their characters, what they've done, who they are, their fearlessness and recklessness, list goes on. Staredowns show that neither wrestler is willing to back down from a fight. Staredowns show that two rivaling or feuding wrestlers want to beat each other and that's what makes matches memorable.

Staredowns are what makes me as a fan want to pay to see the show in person and watch how a storyline ends.