Thursday, August 4, 2016

My thoughts on ECW Raven/Sandman crucifixion angle

Upon Raven and the Sandman's culmination of their feud, Raven crucified the Sandman. What should have been the most unique and historic moments in ECW history also ended up in the most controversial as there was alot of backlash. Many of ECW talents, personnel, and some fans were offended as they were Catholics. Raven was forced to break character and publicly apologize.

I thought Raven should have never apologized for his creative usage of the cross. The harsh criticism posed against Raven's use of the cross is absolutely ridiculous. No one seemed to bat an eye when Raven and Tommy Dreamer crucified each other during their feud. No one was bothered when Joey Styles cried "oh my God!" when there was extreme moment. ECW was known for pushing the boundaries of their edgy storylines so i can't comprehend why this angle was such a big issue. 

As a Christian, i did not find this offensive at all because the cross never belonged to Christianity in the first place. Crosses have been used by various religions for many centuries long before the Romans adopted them for the purpose of crucifixion. As for the symbolism, anyone with an understanding of the Raven character and the feud would understand the meaning behind it. Raven as he called himself in shoot interviews "a martyr for society's dysfunction.." The character saw himself as a savior and a voice for the voiceless. He saw it in his mind to vindicate those who have been outcast by society.

I thought this was one of the greatest moments in ECW history especially in their feud because Raven finally made the Sandman feel his pain.

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