Sunday, August 21, 2016

Why Sabu is a hardcore legend

The Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death Defying Sabu is one of the most underrated pro-wrestlers. Sabu is a hardcore legend who's forever changed hardcore wrestling. Though he is underrated, he has made a long lasting impact on pro-wrestling. He has wrestled in ECW, WCW, TNA, WWE/WWF, and all around the world against various kinds of opponents. Sabu is a memorable legend for the following:

* He was trained by the Original Sheikh - The Original Sheikh is Sabu's uncle and trainer. The Original Sheikh is one of the pioneers of hardcore wrestling and considered a legend. He was one of pro-wrestling's biggest box office draws and known for using sharp objects such as pencils against his in-ring opponents.

* Sabu is a very athletic high flyer - What separates Sabu from other hardcore legends? Sabu has very acrobatic and high flying signature moves. He's very agile and innovative with his signature moves. He has incredible balance on the ring ropes especially when executing the triple jump moonsault. He also uses the camel clutch and other technical wrestling holds in memory of the Sheikh.

* Sabu's character is original and creative - What i love most about Sabu's gimmick is the fact that he doesn't talk at all. Sabu loves to express himself through actions. The symbolism behind his signature pose via pointing to the skies is used by devout Muslims to signify the oneness of God. Sabu's attire matches well with his middle eastern descent as he was billed from Saudi Arabia. Ultimately, his character is true to who he is as a person.

* Sabu was willing to do the extreme - Sabu's scars are real and a testament that pro-wrestling injuries are real. He has major guts to the point where he would sacrifice his own body for the show. He participated in matches including thumbtacks, fire, tables, ladders, chairs, and even barbed wire. He's suffered some gruesome injuries and lived to tell the story.

* Sabu had memorable matches and feuds - Sabu is widely known for his match with Terry Funk at ECW's Born to be Wired PPV and more such as his feud with Taz. He's also known for wrestling the Sandman.

* Sabu popularized hardcore wrestling - Sabu is known for being the first to creatively using chairs and tables in hardcore wrestling. Sabu is also known for popularizing high flying moves in hardcore or extreme matches.

* Sabu is committed to himself - Sabu sets himself apart from others mainly because he ultimately doesn't care about money which is why he rejected Vince McMahon's offer. He stays true to who he is even if that doesn't get him far in the wrestling business.

Sabu has set a different standard for wrestling and changed the way business is done forever. He will always be remembered and loved by those who knew him as a fearless character who will go beyond the most extreme to reach new heights.

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