Friday, August 26, 2016

Why i love Abyss

Chris "Joseph" Parks stayed in Puerto Rico before making his TNA debut as the Monster Abyss. Since then, he became a major star in TNA engaging in many notable feuds and the most hardcore matches. Among many notable hardcore wrestlers like Terry Funk, the Sandman, and Mick Foley - Abyss has earned his place among them for his outstanding accomplishments and qualities listed:

Abyss' character was so believable - Abyss in his early NWA TNA and IMPACT! days was neither face or heel. He was just a tortured soul trying to reconcile with his traumatic and abusive childhood. At times, he had a soft more child-like side when it came to important parent figures in his life. He was often easily manipulated into doing the bidding of others such as James Mitchell and Goldilocks. Abyss punished himself over his abusive father by enduring agonizing pain in hardcore matches. Despite being a monster fueled by brutality, there are times when we can see his human side as his character grows.

He has a high pain tolerance - Abyss has been slammed into thumbtacks, barbed wire, tables, you name it. The amount of pain Abyss has endured is unbelievable. This makes him a formidable often dangerous opponent in and out of the ring.

Abyss has great ring psychology and story-telling - Unlike hardcore legends like Mick Foley, Abyss used ring psychology well enough to avoid many injuries. He is very smart and knows how the rules work. He knows how to use momentum to his advantage or to sell his or his opponents moves.

Abyss skillfully uses size and strength - Abyss isn't just a big buff guy with no intellect. He's mobile, strong, clever, strategic, and destructive. He has many impressive moves including the black hole slam.

He's been in the most violent feuds and matches - Abyss has been in some of TNA's most brutal and violent often heated feuds with the likes of Raven, Sabu, Judas Mesias, the list goes on. Despite this, Abyss has aggressively and fiercely accepted each challenge that came his way.

Overall, Abyss is one of the most underrated hardcore wrestlers who ought to have more attention among wrestling fans. While i don't agree with some of his gimmick changes, i will never forget the character that birthed his extreme career.

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