Monday, August 15, 2016

Why i am not a product mark

When i hear fans ask me "are you a WWE fan?" or "are you a TNA fan?" It bothers me because i have never defined myself by any particular promotion. I have always loved pro-wrestling as a child regardless of the promotion.

While i have watched mostly WWE as a kid, i have also watched other promotions such as TNA, WCW, ECW, and ROH. I've never restricted myself to just one promotion or even style of wrestling.

I have always opened up to new ideas and wrestling visions. I believe that every promotion has something to offer with each passing generation. I have kept in mind that new promotions rise and fall which gives me comfort knowing that pro-wrestling as a whole continues to thrive.

A product mark is someone who overzealously watches and defends a major wrestling promotion while ignoring all others that exist. This is the kind of fan that i never want to be. It's sad that fans restrict themselves to one product when there's so many incredible ones out there. Pro-wrestling comes in all shapes and sizes. I can't help but appreciate them all.

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