Saturday, June 11, 2016

Horror film review - "The Witch" (2015)

After stumbling across one of the scariest indie horror films, i came across "the Witch" 2015. At first, i was reluctant to watch it under the impression that this was going to be like any other supernatural horror until i watched the trailer. Finally, i gave into temptation and gave it a shot so i watched it.

The film reminded me much like "the Crucible" film and "the Conjuring" but that's probably because it surrounds themes leading up to the Salem Witch Trials. The plot begins in New England 17th century when the family is banished from a Puritan community after being falsely accused for witchcraft. They now have to live in isolation when a supernatural force haunts them as they are confronted with a Witch in the woods.

This film is very well researched into the folklore and history of the time period it was set in. The director drew from Puritan texts and the Geneva Bible among other sources to create a new tale with influences of the past.

What i loved most about this film was the atmosphere, the camerawork, the visual effects and film quality, the bone-chilling and more ambient music, the fleshed out characters, the symbolism, but most of all - the struggle between faith and despair.

As i was watching this film, i could feel the dark supernatural presence the creators wanted to convey and this is what made the film flat out disturbing. The director didn't use any jumpscares or over the edge supernatural show of power. It was the mere ideas and despicable acts committed in this film that will horrify you. He wanted to connect the modern audience with what people in the past feared and he succeeded.

Overall, if you are into supernatural horror and want a breath of fresh air then i highly recommend this film for you.

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