Thursday, June 9, 2016

What i didn't like about the Attitude Era

While the Attitude Era was a very popular and successful period of time in the WWF, it is highly exaggerated and not as great as fans make it out to be. Like any other era, the Attitude Era had many successes but also some notable failures.

The Attitude era had a diverse set of popular characters, shocking and entertaining storylines/feuds, bloody matches, but very poor often boring matches. Some gimmicks such as the Undertaker's ministry of darkness and Mick Foley's Dude Love gimmicks were just flops. The women were being misused as nothing more than eye-candy with the exception of Lita and Chyna. I was sometimes bored watching some pointless so called "entertaining" segments.

In short, there are other eras that deserve as much attention as the Attitude Era such as the Ruthless Aggression period or WWF's Golden Age of wrestling. While i don't want too much technical wrestling, i also don't wish for too much entertainment which is one of the pitfalls of the WWF's Attitude Era.

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