Saturday, June 25, 2016

How pro-wrestling is like organized religion

After watching pro-wrestling for over so many years, i've come to realize that it has many similarities to organized religion. As a matter of fact, i've come to see pro-wrestling as another religion to me behind Christianity. I've come to note many similarities between the two down below.


Both have congregations - Church members put money in the offering and wrestling fans pay for events. There's fellowship with like-minded people of similar interests who unite to accomplish the same goals. Both wrestling fans and Church members put so much effort into making it to their destination.

Both play music - Both wrestling fans and Church members are accustomed to playing music as a devotion to whatever they hold dear.

Both have believers and non-believers - There are pro-wrestling fans who suspend disbelief and organized religious members who believe that their religion is the right one. The non-believers are the ones who refuse to acknowledge pro-wrestling as legit entertainment and organized religion as a guide to life.

Both give testimony worldwide - Pro-wrestling promotions and organized Churches go all around the world to spread their influences. Pro-wrestling's goal is to provide quality entertainment for people. Organized churches travel worldwide to preach the Gospel while installing their buildings in the area. Both wrestling fans and church members give a testimony of how their organizations impacted their lives.

Both donate to charity - pro-wrestling promotions like WWE and organized religious institutions have donated to charity with the money they earned.

Both have authorities and social hierarchies - Pro-wrestling companies like Churches have similar social orders. In pro-wrestling, there's a manager, executive producer, music crew, producers, ring crew, pro-wrestlers, investors, promoters, writers, clean up crew, and so forth. In churches, there's pastors and other spiritual leaders, a choir or worship group, sound guys, clean up crew, deacons, and so on.

Both preach on good and evil - In the Church, there is a celebration of all that is good in God and a hate of what is evil. In pro-wrestling, there are heroes and villains.

Both use catchphrases - Churches often uses catchphrases such as "God is good all the time" while pro-wrestling has some catchphrases of it's own given by pro-wrestlers.

Both perform "miracles" - The definitions of what is considered a miracle in pro-wrestling differs from that in the Church at times but it's almost the same concept.

Both take the time to make themselves presentable - Pro-wrestling employees take the time to make themselves look good for the crowd much like organized religious members for their congregations.

Both hype up the crowd - In pro-wrestling, pro-wrestlers get the crowd excited with their moves and such. In religion, pastors and other leaders use similar tactics to intensify the audience such as shouting.

So far, those are all the similarities i have noticed. Let me know what you have observed in the comments below.

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