Thursday, June 23, 2016

Refuting New Jack critics

New Jack is a controversial pro-wrestler because of several violent incidents he was involved in the ring. From stabbing to pro-wrestlers, attempted murder of several pro-wrestlers, and so forth. I'm here to tell you that they are false. While it's true that New Jack was involved in few violent encounters, he did not intend to murder anyone. This blog post will dispel several myths circulating around the internet on New Jack.

The most commonly cited incident is the Mass Transit incident. Many critics claim that New Jack stabbed wrestler Eric Kulas in the ring. In reality, Eric Kulas was an untrained wrestler who forged his identity to get in the ring and asked New Jack to blade him or cut his forehead open. Eric Kulas died later but not from New Jack.

Another famous incident is the Danbury Fall where New Jack fell supposedly threw Vic Grimes off of the Scaffold. The Truth is that New Jack never attempted to murder Vic Grimes. They were intentionally meant to land on the tables stacked up together, but missed and landed on the concrete leading to New Jack losing the vision in his right eye.

Vic Grimes has also stated that he botched during their match which further confirms that no attempted murder took place.

New Jack is falsely accused of stabbing Gypsy Joe with the intent to murder. Gypsy Joe actually provoked New Jack during the match.

In conclusion, how much can we ascribe to New Jack for the injuries in the ring? Very few. New Jack does not deserve the hate that he has currently.  

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