Sunday, June 26, 2016

Learn from the wrestlers who came before you

As i watched Sabu wrestle, i noticed the striking similarities between him and his trainer - the Original Sheikh. The Original Sheikh is considered one of the pioneers of hardcore wrestling as he was famous for using pencils and fire in his matches. Similarly, Sabu is often known for his usage of a spike to stab his opponents in hardcore matches like his trainer did while reinventing hardcore wrestling with his own high flying moves.

It seems that modern fans and even pro-wrestlers are forgetting the traditions of the past. There is a lack of respect and admiration for the pro-wrestlers who helped set the foundation for pro-wrestling.

It is precisely for these reasons why i cannot respect some modern pro-wrestling promotions due to the lack of appreciation and knowledge that they have for their traditions. Modern pro-wrestling fans and pro-wrestlers have seem to forgotten ring psychology and what memorable matches look like. I noticed that the very best wrestling legends took inspiration from their trainers and incorporated it into their matches while bringing something freshly unique to the business. This is why i completely admire pro-wrestlers like Sabu because his approach is "how can i hardcore wrestle like my trainer and how can i do it better?"

My concluding advice is for pro-wrestling fans to research the old school legends of professional wrestling if not watch their matches. Respect those who paved the way for pro-wrestling to flourish and left their marks in history. If pro-wrestling is to evolve, we must learn from the veterans and from ourselves to create an outstanding product.

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