Sunday, July 17, 2016

Christian Bale was the wrong actor to play the Batman

While i am a fan of the live action Dark Knight Trilogy, i thought Christian Bale was a horrible choice to play Batman/Bruce Wayne. In fact, when "the Dark Knight" was released - Christian Bale flat out admitted he was self conscious about his performance compared to that of Heath Ledger's as the Joker.

Throughout the films, Christian Bale's acting seemed very stale and lacking emotional depth. His facial expressions almost always stayed the same during his role as Bruce Wayne and he didn't seem very involved in his character. His forced harsh tone of voice as the Batman seemed...well...forced. It didn't flow naturally with his change of character nor was it intimidating. The Batman character intimidates with strong assertion and threatening promise with a more affirmative tone of voice as opposed to loud. The true character of the Batman/Bruce Wayne is supposed to be shrouded in mystery but also with many different vulnerable sides shown to those whom he confides in. It seemed Christian Bale was trying too hard to play his role although i do give him credit in some scenes. Nonetheless, i got the impression that Christian Bale was acting simply for the money rather than studying the character from every possible angle.  

Overall, there should have been another actor to play the role of such an iconic and memorable superhero. Christian Bale simply didn't have the charisma to play the hero role especially for one such as the Batman.

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