Thursday, November 12, 2015

Why the Great Khali was indestructible

When the Great Khali entered Smackdown in 2006, i was scared. His height and intimidating yet mysterious presence was known as he devastated the Undertaker. His roar was monstrous and his eyes inhuman. His physical appearance and size were jaw-dropping. I've seen him completely pulverize wrestlers in the ring almost to death. It is even reported that he accidentally killed a pro-wrestling doing a flapjack slam. There was a period when the Great Khali was unstoppable against WWE's best: Kurt Angle, Batista, Rey Mysterio, and others. He was at the top of the food chain, being the most dominant out there. When the Great Khali stepped in WWE, all hell broke loose. During that time, the Great Khali ruled in tyranny and everyone secretly knew it. He didn't need a title, all he needed was fear.

Many people believe that a large buff guy is a brainless moron with no fighting techniques at all. While this might be true, they're still fearsome. The Great Khali was born a giant. His enormous size is never to be underestimated. In the old tale of David and Goliath, David in his humility and quickness defeats the giant Goliath. However in the WWE, no one trains to be a David. Many wrestlers train to be a giant and when faced with a bigger giant, they aren't prepared. They lack the superior strength and speed. I've seen smaller wrestlers who are smart and more agile than the Great Khali but end up losing regardless. This is because they're stuck with such a fragile and small body that can do little damage to the monstrous size of the Great Khali.

Take for example his vice grip submission. How do you think Batista would break out of that hold? Hitting him? Trying to pull his arms away? Getting to the ropes? How do you fight a man who's 7 feet tall and weighs 347 pounds being a body builder Batista's size? Once Khali gets a hold, you'll be passing out in minutes and have a limited amount of time before you go to sleep. Once you get in this hold, i see very little counters.

People don't call him "the Great Khali" for nothing. He doesn't need speed or agility because his legs are in themselves dangerous. Often, Khali would kick a pro-wrestler in the face and the moment his foot made contact, the ropes on the ring almost break from the explosive impact of the pro-wrestler's back hitting the floor. It gets worse when he executes the Punjabi plunge. He lifts his opponents up with both hands then slams them as you hear the loudness of the impact. The slams are so devastating that Khali's opponents do not recover from them after one or two times. It's as if they fell from a tall building as they crash into the concrete.

Another one of his fatal moves is the Khali chop. This move is so violent and powerful, it can knock out an opponent if landed to the head. It looks downright painful when delivered straight to the chest.

Of course if your fast enough, you can escape some attacks like Rey Mysterio did. However what's a kick or a punch going to do? He's too tall and too strong to be ground so easily. Had this been a real life situation, you might have a better chance at fighting him. Unfortunately, pro-wrestlers options are limited to sport rules. He can take so many blows from someone like Triple H and even if Khali is knocked off balance, there's no guarantee he will stay there very long. You can only take a few and once you do, your finished.

Because of these moves and the creative ingenious of the old writers of WWE, they've made a monstrous wrestler that is powerful - maybe too powerful. In his earliest time on Smackdown, he's been demolishing our childhood heroes along with our hopes. The crowd must've been struck with fear as he steps over a fallen opponent for a pin. He was on a rampage and i can imagine the writers despite their creative ingenious talent, regretting ever making the monster.

WWE probably struggled to find a middle ground where Khali would not be too powerful or too weak with no success. As WWE fell into the more PG-rated setting, they slowly changed the Great Khali into a soft, family friendly, entertainer. He was reduced to no more than a punching bag for WWE legends such as John Cena. When the WWE gave him this role, the Great Khali stopped being great.

I cannot blame them nonetheless. I feel that the Great Khali might have been too powerful of a heel to keep within any roster. It would take too much work to equalize him with the other pro-wrestlers. Even if this were to happen, it would strip him away of who the Great Khali is. While many people use the word "great" too often, the Great Khali is probably the only person who lives up to his fearsome and ferocious name.

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