Saturday, December 5, 2015

Why Jeff Hardy failed as a heel

The Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy fails miserably at playing heel for one reason - He can't get the fans to hate him. No matter what he says or does, the fans will always love him. Jeff Hardy will almost always be successful as a charismatic face. Nevertheless Jeff Hardy isn't that bad of a heel as i originally thought and as we shall see shortly.

Take a look at this promo he had with the Undertaker. Not only does he undergo a deeper and darker make-over, we see a darker side of his character. He becomes reckless, angrier, aggressive, and more disrespectful. He becomes less concerned with titles and more with damaging reputations. He is bent on being ruthless with his opponents. It takes alot of guts to interrupt the Undertaker and even more to challenge him like Jeff Hardy did. I was shocked to see how stronger Jeff Hardy was than his face character when he faced the Undertaker. Despite his heel role being short-lived at WWE, he was given a better chance at TNA.

At TNA, Jeff Hardy first turns heel after he cheated his way into becoming TNA world champion. This shocked the wrestling world as Jeff Hardy joined the heel group "Immortal." While i do admit that Jeff Hardy had very underdeveloped heel mic-skills, i quickly saw his actions spoke louder than his words. His attitude and egotistical actions caused many fans to boo him even for a brief period. Jeff Hardy gradually showed that he was more than capable
When Hulk Hogan threw away the old TNA world heavyweight championship belt and introduced the new Immortal championship belt in Jeff's image, a revolution began. Since then Jeff Hardy was the most dominant champion and the leader of a new era in TNA. Jeff Hardy showed that he wouldn't let anyone, not even the TNA president, stand in his way of reigning over the roster. 

Despite all the heel characteristics Jeff displays, fans cannot erase Jeff's face character. It was so ingrained in his career that it backfired on him. No matter how many angles he tried using, he could not land a devastating blow to his own reputation. As a result, his heel character wasn't as successful.  

Jeff Hardy essentially dug his own grave as the face we all know and love. Eventually, it seems Jeff gave into his loyal fans and gave up his heel role. Jeff Hardy's legacy endures as TNA's Immortal and World Heavyweight Champion, regardless of whether he is heel or face. 

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