Thursday, December 17, 2015

Being a true fan

Being a fan to the average person means simply supporting an artist by buying their content. It means cheering and shouting "I love (fill in the blank)!" However i challenge this definition.

To me, being a loyal fan isn't about how much of the artist's content you own. Too many people already do that. It's only until their favorite artist does something horrible that they stop supporting their art. In reality, they were never fans to begin with. Loyal fans understand that their favorite artist makes mistakes, accept them, and continue to be supportive. This kind of love goes beyond cheering at concerts or at your home movie theater.

What is a true fan? Someone who does anything and everything to strengthen a bond with the artist he or she passionately supports. Die hard fans will invest in VIP passes, show tickets, merchandise, etc. even though it hurts. They will study every inch of their beloved artist's life because they are inspired.

I encourage people to go beyond the typical scope of what fandom looks like and into a much deeper relationship with their favorite artist.

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