Friday, May 23, 2014

"Demoralization obliterated" poem

I'm a being, festering beneath a world I've engineered with my own mind 
The mechanical organism I've created within carnality has birthed a rebirth of corruption 
The regurgitation of human wickedness forever manifesting itself once more 
I am a being without a need for food or water, but a drive to survive, to thrive, to find my perfection with absolute divinity 

Have i become a man or the sum of what you feared me to be? 
Have you become the savior of humanity or just a figment created by me? 

I stand sinking within a nirvana of insensibility, emotions wearing thin 
I'm surging inside an inner-struggle..the forces birthed from the origin of the cosmos 
There seems to be no way to escape the illusion of the contorted self 
Humanity has become the product of it's own devices as it seeks to be God 
I am a being who has yet to fall into the flesh-consuming process of the ever-evolving machine 
Confusion stirs my mind, vanity runs through my veins, my soul has become numb 
This demoralization has too found it's way within the seat of consciousness 
An infusion of self-will and that prototype that we all seem to know as man 

Still decaying into a state of the unknown 
My body has finally met it's realization of mortality 
it's hunger for the new artificial and inhuman metamorphosis  
My soul has at last met found the truth to break away from this reincarnation
As this demoralization of good and evil seems to heal 

I am a being who has been made the predestined pure whole 

I am a being, i am one...

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