Friday, October 30, 2015

Why pro-wrestling IS NOT sexist or racist

There are several people who claim that pro-wrestling is sexist and racist. They'll point out many examples such as WWE bra and panties matches, Machoism among male wrestlers, among other things. They will appeal to your sense of morality and argue that these are grounds to stop watching pro-wrestling all together.

However the media won't give you the full picture. They will claim that women are there for eye candy but ignore divas like Lita, a very dominant pro-wrestler among other women. They will claim that it's racist against blacks then use Mark Henry as an example although he stated it's not the company's fault. They will also ignore the many other things that also apply to men as much as women.

What is the main purpose of pro-wrestling? Entertainment. Ultimately, pro-wrestlers aren't there to be friends. They're not there to be role-models. They're not there to promote any morals. They're main goal is to entertain people in order to get paid. I don't watch pro-wrestlers to see how manly they are when they hurt others. I don't even watch pro-wrestling to see people get hurt. I watch pro-wrestling for the entertainment. It's the choreography and the art itself that i'm interested in.

With that in mind, everything that pro-wrestlers do regardless of gender or race is strictly to entertain the audience. Just as women are almost nude, so are the men. The reason being is that the less spandex you wear, the more mobile you become. It was not intended to degrade either gender.

While it's in my opinion that some WWE events like lap dances are irrelevant, they're not sexist. To judge them as slut-shaming is assuming that women are not sexual beings. What if a lesbian is turned on by the sight of woman in a bikini? What if a straight woman appreciates a Diva's curves? What if the Divas are comfortable expressing their sexuality? It is these kinds of questions rendering sexist arguments mute. They're not there just to please men, but also many other people. As for "manly" behavior, it's not restricted to one gender. Many women in the audience are fond of it while still keeping their femininity.

Some advocate for there being more women and races represented in the business. They argue there's so few blacks, Mexicans, or women in the business. This might strike you as concerning, but it's only because the media suggests that something is wrong. Being raised in a Hispanic family, i was never concerned about my race on T.V and neither were the audience. Many people of all races and ages loved Stone Cold, the Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Lashley, Kane, the Rock, etc. because of their talent, not the color of their skin. If you were to ask me: "Do you think WWE needs more pro-wrestlers of your race?" My answer is "No." I'm satisfied with my favorite Hispanic superstars: Rey Mysterio and the Mexicools. When i saw their entrances, i did not see racism. On the contrary, they made me feel proud of my Mexican heritage. However when it comes to pro-wrestling, race is out of the picture. I look at quality over quantity.

Let's face it - The word "sexist" and "racist" have been thrown around too much. These terms are dead until we bring them to life by giving them meaning. No matter what race or gender you put on T.V, the outcome is the same - People will protest. There will always be people trying to take down the business by using race and sex as a means to do so. In the world of pro-wrestling, we ought to look at the pro-wrestler's character above all. The problem is not WWE, the problem is you and your perceptions. When you stop trying to implant ideas into entertainment in the name of education and politics then it stops being enjoyable. Embrace pro-wrestling for what it was meant to be - Entertainment.

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