Monday, May 30, 2016

What pro-wrestling taught me about old age

As i worryingly pondered about growing old as my youthfulness fades, i thought about pro-wrestling. From the crowds to the pro-wrestlers themselves and i noticed something very peculiar - they all love pro-wrestling regardless of their age. You would think that pro-wrestlers like Stone Cold whom after suffering a knee injury would settle down and quit pro-wrestling period but no. He's still going to WWE events and doing podcasts. Even the fans (some who are around 91 years old) still attend WWE shows. In fact, it seems he wants to wrestle in the ring despite doctor's orders. I've met someone in a nursing home who still regularly watches pro-wrestling. 

As long as you do what you love, age doesn't matter at all. Beauty fades eventually but it's your passions that keep you youthful and alive. 

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