Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why the Batman is my favorite superhero

The Batman is without a shadow of a doubt the world's greatest detective with a traumatized past and a darkened future. I have been a fan ever since i was a small child when i borrowed some episodes of Batman: TAS from the library. I was fascinated by his mystique and character as a whole.

What makes the Batman unique and distinct from other superheroes is that he is an ordinary human with a traumatic past. The earliest Batman comics weren't as iconic as the ones rewriting his character in later comic issues. It all started when his parents were murdered in cold blood as a child and he was left an orphan. The question "why?" was left unanswered and he was abandoned in the cold streets of Gotham.

After a long journey from helplessness, guilt, sorrow, and anger, Bruce Wayne had a deep motivation to stop criminals and prevent them from committing crimes again. In his own way, Batman sought vengeance against Gotham's evildoers and chose the symbol of his greatest fear to combat evil - bats. He took the shadows of darkness and embraced them to become the creature of the night.

The Batman is one of the greatest superheroes for the mere fact that he represents the human will to do justice while hiding his flaws at some points. The Batman takes a traumatic experience and twists it for the greater good rather than blame society for his parents' death. He uses psychological intimidation, strength, stamina, endurance, speed, and so many resources to achieve his goals including detective work.

The Batman is full of burdens and still seeking his identity which is realistic whereas other superheroes are portrayed as invincible. The Batman is a superhero of mystique, fascination, inspiration, becoming Bruce Wayne who is a disguise in the day and his real persona when he is masked in the night.

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