Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Randy Orton - the Legend Killer

Randy Orton is one of the best heels in the WWE because of his arrogant posture, treacherous attitude, and flat out cowardly cheap shots at his opponents. What made his heel run as "the Legend Killer" was his catch phrase, nickname, pose, and mindset. He took the light which is a symbol of hope and goodness then made it a perversion of vanity and self glorification. His "Burn in my Light" theme was a great representation of his egotistical mentality. Randy Orton plays his heel role outstandingly well because he makes you love to hate him. Your not supposed to love villains. Your supposed to hate them and Randy Orton is a heel that many people hate. He is extremely disrespectful to the greatest legends in pro-wrestling namely Eddie Guerrero after he passed away. He spit in the face of Mick Foley and others.

He tried to kill the Undertaker during their feud and did so many other terrible deeds. He got his father to step and help him in certain attacks.

Randy Orton is a snake and intelligently cheats his way into becoming champion. Most of all, he tried to cheat his way into ending the Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania. Randy Orton is a great opportunist in the ring and willing to partake in hardcore matches against his opponents. This is what great heels do.

There will never be another heel like Randy Orton in the WWE. He played the villain role well and like no other.

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