Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fan attacks Raven at WCW

Raven begins a promo by presumably exposing DDP for a lack of honesty on how he began his career. Suddenly, a fan climbs over the railings and grabs Raven by the hair then pulls him through the ropes. Raven gets up as security guards rush in to subdue the fan and Raven goes back to giving his promo. The mic seems to malfunction due to the attack as he continued to talk until he is handed a new one. A link can be provided on the page below. 

While it was unfortunate that a "fan" attacked a pro-wrestler, i thought it looked good on camera and probably drew attention from casual spectators changing channels on a T.V. Raven was a true genius because of this incident. If you noticed, he never broke character. Most pro-wrestlers would either attack the fan or fear for their safety. Raven remained calm and reacted as his character would. He didn't even need to attack the fan in self defense much less prove he's "hardcore." Raven simply looked down with pity on him basically saying with his body language "Your not worth my time...your nothing compared to my brilliance..." then arrogantly brushed the dust off of his jacket and got back in the ring. This is how every pro-wrestler ought to react but sadly it doesn't have the same effect because Kayfabe is no longer a secret. Raven is one of the few pro-wrestlers who rather than do what was best for himself, did what was best for the pro-wrestling business. 

While this fan may never enter another wrestling show again (a total good thing), this incident will always be a memorable example of Kayfabe in the face of danger. Had the microphone functioned properly, it would have been a perfect promo.  

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