Sunday, April 10, 2016

Heidenreich - an underrated heel

Most WWE fans may not know or care about ex-superstar Heidenreich. While i thought his signature moves weren't at all impressive, i thought he was brutal as a heel.

What made him a potentially great character was the time when he was introduced by Paul Heyman to the WWE on Smackdown. He starts by intimidating an official and then flat out attacks him! I was surprised because rather than tombstone him like the Undertaker would or simply chokeslam him through a table, he continues to attack him for what? The word "hype"?

Remember the time when Heidenreich attacked several fans after they refused to allow him to read his poem? Had we not known Kayfabe is scripted, we would've probably filed charges against WWE for letting something like this happen. Whether we know Kayfabe is scripted or not, this still shocked me because of how believable Heidenreich made it out to be.

This is what an old school original heel is - a bully who intimidates others including fans and Heidenreich does it very well.

Or how about the time when Heidenreich kidnapped Michael Cole then raped him? What i loved about hearing Heidenreich's poem is that it sums up a philosophical and scientific dilemma of what causes people to do evil. What torment caused Heidenreich to be evil? We don't know. Heidenreich is simply hellbent on making others pay. Heidenreich is someone who does what he wants and what he wants is power over others. He's intimidated by no one, not even the likes of the Undertaker.

It's a shame that WWE couldn't take the opportunity to push Heidenreich a push due to him leaving the company and other issues. Nevertheless, Heidenreich was a heel who ought to deserve more respect.

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