Friday, April 22, 2016

Why i love New Jack

New Jack is notorious for his violent and often dangerous style of hardcore wrestling. He has been known as a former bounty hunter and convicted of several crimes. While i don't agree with everything he does, i do consider him a hardcore legend for the following reasons:

* He represented pro-wrestling - New Jack was trained by no one. Wrestling promotions hired him because he was a violent entertainer and this is what pro-wrestling is about. Go read about Sports Entertainment and you'll find that WWE was established as Sports Entertainment, not an athletic competitive sport. Pro-wrestling is not about winning or losing, but about entertaining fans with violence. Pro-wrestling is about drama, not reality t.v. New Jack accurately reflects the foundation of the Pro-wrestling business. He doesn't have wrestling skills and he doesn't care. He knows how to get paid and that's why promotions hire him.

* He's hardcore - With the introduction of the staple gun, he was known for making pro-wrestling more violent than it was before. He's did elbow drops 40 feet off a balcony, hit people in the privates with trash cans, lamps, knives, and many other dangerous weapons. He's suffered many scars in the ring. New Jack isn't afraid of anyone, not even the Undertaker.

* He's real 24/7 - Many pro-wrestlers use Kayfabe then go back to being themselves when they come home, New Jack doesn't. The person you see in the ring is New Jack all the time. He gives intense promos full of killer threats. New Jack is self-centered, natural, and violent which is what makes him blend in so easily into the roster while keeping his uniqueness.

* He's honest - New Jack is very open about speaking the Truth about the pro-wrestling industry at the expense of the business. This is why he's not a fan favorite of many fans and promotions. If just one promotion would listen to his advice on how matches ought to be run, they'd be just a little bit more successful in that respect.

While TNA accepted him, WWE and other big promotions rejected him because of these reasons. Nevertheless, New Jack deserves a spot distinguishing him from other hardcore wrestlers.

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