Sunday, April 24, 2016

How piracy helps pro-wrestling

From the reports i've heard, big companies such as WWE and TNA are removing their copyrighted material from the Internet in attempts to prevent copyright infringement and piracy. If they could file at least one lawsuit, they'd win a court case and cash as a recompensation for it.

I think this hurts their businesses and could be using Youtube for more profitable means rather than restrict content to viewers. This is my argument for why piracy is beneficial to the pro-wrestling business. 

From experience, i became a TNA fan when i freely watched copyrighted material through YouTube and later a fan of many pro-wrestling promotions. This however did not mean that i was not willing to pay for any pro-wrestling products as i ended up buying merchandise as i got older. Had it not been for piracy, i would not have been exposed to big promotions like TNA. 

Financially speaking, how does piracy end up helping pro-wrestling? Here are some pros and cons: 

* It can get pro-wrestling more exposure - Websites allowing free access to pro-wrestling content are more likely to generate a vast audience than if they didn't do it at all. This is because users rely on file-sharing through social media and torrent sites. If people can get freely watch PPV's through the internet, what's the point in having them? This brings me to my next point. 

* Pro-wrestling strengthens consumer relationships - If people enjoy PPV's and other main events, they are more likely to attend house shows (non-televised events). The advantages of house shows is that they are not aired on T.V, they cannot be found online so easily. From personal experience, i have found that promotions put fancam matches in their DVD's which could boost sales for diehard fans making collections. Fans are more likely to buy Merch, DVD's, T-shirts, action figures, and so forth. This is how according to Vince Russo, TNA initially gained fame by doing house shows and selling their products at each one. To gain the people's favor, you must gain their trust.

According to a study done by the Swiss government (link posted below), it was found that the entertainment business overall wasn't losing money from pirating. Plus, people who illegally download products end up spending more money on them than those who legally purchased them. If only Vince McMahon would realize this, he could possibly allowing YouTube users upload WWE content on the condition that they'd advertise his products. Piracy would ultimately help his company flourish than diminish it.

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