Sunday, November 6, 2016

"The Strangers" 2008 review

After watching "the Strangers" 2008, i was terrified. I had to turn on the light to continue watching it. Why was i so scared? It was a classic and suspenseful terrifying horror film.

"The Strangers" is about a couple staying in a vacation home who become terrorized by 3 unknown intruders.

Unlike most slashers relying on the typical jump-scares, sub-urban sex scenes, blood drenched gore - the Strangers takes a completely different approach by instilling psychological terror in it's audience through the plot and serial killers. The serial killers in the film feed off of the fears of their victims even though at times, the victims seem to be more than capable than taking them down. For example, when James Hoyt gets a hold of a shotgun - you would think that he would gain the upper hand over his intruders. Instead, the fear overwhelms him and you can only ask "who is really in control here? Him or the assailants?" The film slowly begins to break away common held misconceptions about safety in American communities especially since the couple retreated to an isolated area for a vacation. "The Strangers" makes us feel vulnerable to dangerous life or death situations. It raises questions such as "how safe are we really? Will we realistically be able to call for police in time? How will we deal with intelligent intruders bent on murdering us while preying on our fears and despairs?"

The video and audio quality along with other visuals were excellent mainly because of where the camera angles were positioned. The shaky camerawork and There was no need for any excessive CGI or flashy animation to make the film more frightening. If you enjoyed the video production and want to know how to make a video as depicted in "the Strangers" Click Here!

Overall, "the Strangers" provides a solid and deeply suspenseful experience for it's viewers. One of the few slashers with as much substance as films like "Scream", "Child's play", "Psycho", and other classics. It is a must watch horror film in the slasher genre.

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