Saturday, December 3, 2016

Why i love "the Alpha Male" Monty Brown

The Alpha Male Monty Brown made his debut on NWA TNA in 2002. He's been a die-hard passionate fan of pro-wrestling since a child and has undergone training in Football just to get into a pro-wrestling ring.

Monty Brown is what made TNA truly unique as a home grown talent. His dominant often aggressive character reflected utter chaos and the lawlessness found in what he called the Serengeti. As soon as Monty Brown made his entrance, he was a hungry predator on the hunt for prey. Monty Brown energy and fire didn't just dominate the ring, but also our televisions. He would obliterate anyone whether it was a wrestler, a fan, or the cameraman. From every pound of his chest to every devastating slam, Monty Brown challenged anyone regardless of who they were to wrestle against him and that is the epitome of dominance.

His most devastating move is "the Pounce" which was probably taken from his training in Football tackles. When he drives into his opponents, the brute force sends them flying across the ring and leaves them a broken mess. His character is true to his competitive nature to ruthlessly achieve his goals in real life. What makes Monty Brown stand out from powerhouses like "the Animal" Batista is the sheer animal energy he brings whenever the camera rolls. He trash talks into the camera, the fans, wrestlers, and so on.

Monty Brown's promos are full of aggression, raw energy, passion, but also humor. He's had some outstanding matches full of adrenaline rushes and anticipation.

Monty Brown truly established his dominance during his time at TNA and i would've hoped he didn't retire but left a long lasting impact in TNA history.

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