Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How Raven influenced me

I grew up with a difficult childhood. I suffered at the hands of my abusive father until my parents divorced. I curiously watched TNA Impact and stumbled across Raven who became one of my favorite wrestlers. I admired his style of fashion, his poetic promos, his ambition, and his ruthlessness. I could relate to his dark character expressed through his bizarre and gloomy make-up. I was shocked by the brutality of his matches as he wrestled with many weapons such as chairs, trash cans, shopping carts, and barbed wire. Even more surprising was when he sacrificed his own body if it meant inflicting pain on his opponents. He viciously wounded them, often causing serious injuries. From the time i watched Raven walk to the ring to the time he won a match, i looked up to him. According to his heel character, he also suffered from an abusive father. Since my father failed me as a parent, Raven became my role model. I wanted to be as fearless, as powerful, and as reckless as Raven was.

After school, i rushed to watch pro-wrestling rather than deal with the stress of academics. Pro-wrestling was my way of rebelling against society and all of the expectations people put on me. When i saw all of the pro-wrestlers, the chaotic violence, and hear the crowd roar – i knew what true freedom was. Freedom from reality and morals. When i was bullied, i was hurt and afraid but when i watched Raven wrestle, i learned how to fight. When i saw him feud with other wrestlers, i learned that only you can stand up for yourself. When i watched him endure agonizing pain, i learned that suffering was inevitable but what mattered most was the will to fight and vanquish your obstacles. In the face of adversity, i learned the importance in claiming what is yours in spite of suffering. Once i did that, the insults and the fear of pain disappeared. I stopped seeing myself as a victim of abuse and more as a fighter. When i saw him finally fulfill his destiny to become NWA World Heavyweight champion, i was inspired to fulfill my own destiny.

Since then, pro-wrestling has become my passion. I appreciated the art more than ever before. Pro-wrestling goes beyond the ring and gives wisdom that fans can apply to their lives. I still carry the lessons i've learned from watching my favorite wrestlers. Pro-wrestling will never die and as a loyal fan, i will continue to support and share my passion for this phenomenal sport.

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