Thursday, February 4, 2016

What's wrong with WWE promos?

I am a huge fan of WWE and it's energetic, action-packed, and thrilling matches that it advertises through it's promos. While the promos are intense and often entertaining, they have one problem - they're repetitive. WWE has simply rehashed previous incidents and merged them into one clip. WWE has failed to create innovative and promos with their own uniqueness. This has always been a problem despite WWE's greatest success.

Other promotions have managed to create better promos with their own independence. Take a look at TNA's promo on a match between Raven and Jeff Jarrett at Clockwork Orange House of Fun:

Notice that it had it's own independent setting as Raven was on the mic. Shortly after, he is attacked by Jeff Jarrett. It's all in one promo. No clips are being reused. No attempts to enhance visuals or audio like WWE does in their promos. It's simple and straight-forward.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that WWE sucks at making promos. My only wish is that they would find ways to build up an intense anticipation for their matches. Writing exciting and highly anticipating promos take great craftsmanship. WWE has nearly mastered this by creating interesting feuds and merging history. Now all that is left is for them to bring it all together and creating something fresh for a match.

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