Saturday, February 13, 2016

How to critique a pro-wrestling match

Pro-wrestling is unlike any other sport because it can be appreciated by those with an understanding of kayfabe. If you want to appreciate and learn more about a wrestler, you should study their matches. Yes, matches can be studied. By making certain observations, you can determine whether or not a pro-wrestler is "good" in your eyes.

A pro-wrestler's salary is determined by how well he or she is able to entertain the audience. The more popularity a wrestler has, the more a particular promotions will book him or her to win matches for the best interests of the business (WWE, TNA, ECW, etc.) How much control do pro-wrestlers have? They decide which moves they want to use and how. They also decide how they want to work with their opponents during matches. They decide how the matches are to be ended being the loser or the winner. This way, we can still critique their wrestling skills based on how entertaining they are:


1. The first set of observations you want to make is the entrances. How is your favorite wrestler's mood being expressed? Confident? Arrogant? Energetic? Aggressive?

2. How is the pace of the match? Fast? Slow? A combination of both? What types of attacks are both wrestlers doing? Punches? Kicks? Signature moves? Submission holds?

3. How strong is your favorite pro-wrestler? How agile is him or her? What signature moves does he or she perform? What moves has he or she invented and/or made popular? How well is he or she able to time attacks and counters? How well is your favorite pro-wrestler to make wrestling look realistic?

4. Take some time to read about the match in the news. Did the pro-wrestler make any mistakes during the match? If so, what were they? How effective are their finishers and submission holds?

As you watch a match, take notes until you've compiled enough information to review it all. From then on, you'll be able to discuss what you liked and disliked about a match.

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