Saturday, March 5, 2016

Why you should watch TNA

With WWE being a major long-standing promotion, it would seem to put smaller promotions like TNA out of business. I beg to differ. TNA though being a small company with a small audience is still a solid promotion. TNA is one of the most entertaining and prestigious promotions in american pro-wrestling. Why should you watch TNA? I'll give you several reasons.

The roster - TNA has developed their own unique and new generation of pro-wrestlers. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Sting, Raven, Sabu, Rhino, Abyss, and Monty Brown just to name a few. WWF/WWE has the greatest living legends of all time no doubt however there's no guarantee they'll make it to the next generation.

TNA officials - TNA has some notable officials within their company's management team.

Mike Tenay - He started one of the country's first wrestling newsletters, Matt News. He's interviewed pro-wrestlers, wrote for wrestling magazines, and other programs. He's won an award for being the best television announcer and has the nickname "professor Vegas" for his vast knowledge of the pro-wrestling business.

Don West - He has majored in Sports Broadcasting when he attended Purdue University. He is known for his loud and energetic commentaries during matches.

With Mike Tenay's expert analysis combined with Don West's energy, both make any TNA match exciting to watch.

TNA's unique look - TNA's 6-sided ring is what made TNA stand out from other wrestling promotion that use a 4-sided ring. There are many different angles to view the action from and many turnbuckles for wrestlers to use. TNA's appearance is partially why it's been successful.

Let's not forget TNA's tunnel entrance. It serves a multi-purpose, as a way to enter the IMPACT zone but also a battleground.

TNA's women division - TNA is one of the few promotions with a highly developed women's division. WWE calls their women "divas" and in later years reserved them for eye candy with restricted match time. TNA took their women wrestlers seriously since day one and have put them at equal standing with the men. The women participate in title, main event, and hardcore matches as much as the men do.

TNA'S creative storylines - TNA has almost always delivered interesting storylines, entertaining promos, intense feuds, and booked highly anticipated matches. TNA has never ceased to put up a grand performance.

Fan interaction - TNA is one of the few promotions with strong wrestler-crowd interactions. TNA strives to create an environment where fans are apart of the action. Almost all of the time, you see wrestlers fighting through the crowd. TNA builds a solid relationship with fans which is essential to the company's success.

Non-stop action - TNA wastes no time in petty drama, beer drinking contests, and other things that WWE does on the side. This is why the promotion is called Total Non-stop Action! Almost every minute of the show is devoted to wrestling.

Prestigious title belts -  TNA has held a partnership with NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) in the creation of championship titles. They are memorable due to it's design but also to the matches.

Main events - TNA has a variety of creativity in matches. Promotions like WWE usually have wrestlers deliver chair shots and crash through tables but they keep it professional for the most part. TNA puts more weapons to use in addition to other outrageous stunts in their main events.

Although TNA is not as successful as it was originally, it has not failed as a brand. For these reasons and more, you should tune in every Thursday for TNA impact wrestling.

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