Friday, March 11, 2016

Best Undertaker feuds

Although the Undertaker is one of the most dominant and legendary pro-wrestlers in the WWF/WWE history, he has met his match against formidable opponents. Here are some of his best feuds in my opinion.

The Undertaker and Mankind: 

As the Undertaker rose to popularity, Mankind viciously attacked him during his Casket match with Goldust. At King of the Ring 1996, Mankind beat the Undertaker and later cost him a match against Goldust. The reason? Mankind wanted to dominate the Undertaker. At Summerslam, Paul Bearer turned on the Undertaker and sided with Mankind. This led to a Buried Alive Match which Mankind won. However the Undertaker rose again, refusing to stay dead. At Survivor series, Mankind tired burning the Undertaker alive. Ultimately, the Undertaker faced Mankind at Hell in a Cell (voted as one of the most memorable matches in WWF history.) This feud was one of the best as it showed not everyone feared the Undertaker. Mankind was unaffected by the Undertaker's mind games and brutality because he himself was brutal as well as deranged. In addition, it gave Mankind a push.

The Undertake and Kane: 

As children, The Undertaker burned his house and killed his family by accident. Little did he know that his brother Kane survived though completely traumatized and locked in a mental institution. Kane vowed revenge by ruining his brother's career. Kane attacked the Undertaker and surprisingly, Paul Bearer betrayed the Undertaker yet again to side with Kane. The Undertaker swore he would never fight his own flesh and blood. Kane repeatedly kept pushing his brother to a brink's end by costing his match with Shawn Michaels and others. For the first and maybe the last time, we see the Undertaker's emotional weaknesses. Paul Bearer made the Undertaker feel guilty for creating the Big Red Machine, Kane. For a while, it would seem as if the Undertaker succumbs to guilt and despair until he sees that he didn't create Kane. Kane buried him alive but the Undertaker supernaturally rises up again. He confesses that some promises must be broken before his parent's grave. He swears that if he is guilty, his punishment would be hellfire. After that, the Undertaker becomes refined and more powerful than before. No longer haunted by the past, he promises fury and vengeance to be struck down on Kane as both wage a supernatural battle of mind games. The feud between the Undertaker and Kane ended at Wrestlemania 14..until it was reopened in later years.

What made this feud so great aside from classic matches was that the brothers of destruction will never be fully reconciled. The Undertaker and Kane may partner up to face their adversaries but they could utterly destroy each other at any given moment. They are two of the most dominant wrestlers in the WWF/WWE but in their minds, there is only room for one.

The Undertaker and the Great Khali:

The Undertaker's match was interrupted by the first arrival of the Great Khali who demolished the Undertaker, leaving him gasping for air. The Undertaker retaliated by facing the Great Khali at Judgement day with no success in winning. It ended with the two facing at "Last Man Standing." The feud was great because it was one of the rare times when someone bigger than the Undertaker ran a terrifying reign over Smackdown and put up a challenge for him.

The Undertaker and Kurt Angle: 

Though a short feud, the Undertaker (Deadman) and Kurt Angle put an intense couple of matches. It began when Kurt Angle successfully defended the title against Mark Henry at a Royal Rumble before the Undertaker returned. Since then, the Undertaker played mind games on him before they ultimately faced each other at "No Way Out." What made this feud so great? Both are very competitive and professional athletes with epic careers. Kurt Angle is an Olympic Gold Medalist and an amateur wrestler before transitioning to pro-wrestling. The Undertaker is an MMA fighter with an undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. The two clashed like no other athlete in the WWF/WWE.

The Undertaner and Batista: 

This intense feud began when Batista betrayed his partner the Undertaker in a tag team match. After the Undertaker beat Shawn Michaels at a Royal Rumble to win a chance to win the World Heavyweight Championship. The Undertaker looked at Batista, John Cena, and Bobby Lashley but ultimately picked Batista out of a personal vendetta. The two engaged in a series of dangerous and epic matches most notably at Backlash, Hell in a Cell, TLC, and Wrestlemania.

These unforgettable feuds will forever be a testament to the Undertaker's grand legacy. They also helped give each of these wrestlers a push in their careers as well. Each of these epic clashes demonstrated just how powerful the Undertaker really is in the face of adversity.

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