Saturday, March 12, 2016

How i'd book Sting and Raven

This is the only picture of Sting with Raven on TNA in 2006. Unfortunately, i've been trying to find the video for it but to no success. It began when Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett were arguing with each other over who they would face then attacked Don West. Sting heroically saved Don and then Raven. This was a rare interaction between the two.

It would have been a perfect chance to book Raven and Sting together as this was the time when Sting was a big face and Raven a great heel (though not as appreciated as others). A match between Raven and Sting would make perfect sense as Raven was on his path to becoming NWA champion and Sting was feuding with Jeff Jarrett for the NWA title.

If it were up to me, i'd book TNA Victory Road 2006 to have a four-way match consisting of Sting, Raven, Jeff Jarrett, and Samoa Joe to be the number one contender for the NWA World Heavyweight title. During the events leading to the match, i'd have Jeff Jarrett instigate Raven into challenging him into a four way match to see if he had what it took to be NWA World Heavyweight champion. I'd also have Sting boldly declare that Jeff Jarrett did not deserve to be NWA champ and because of his dishonorable ways, Sting would fairly strip the title away from him. Almost at the end of the match, i'd have Jarrett's army interfere in an attempt to help Jeff Jarrett win. I would also book Raven to win after losing chance after chance because of Larry Zbyszko and others refusal to give him a title shot. At the same time, Sting would continue his intense feud with Jeff Jarrett and intention of putting Jarrett in his place by having a series of more heated matches.

It irks me that TNA didn't book a potentially intense match which could have branched into more interesting storylines.

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