Saturday, March 19, 2016

Why hardcore wrestling takes more skill than pure wrestling

Hardcore wrestling is a type of wrestling in which pro-wrestlers wrestle using weapons such as tables, chairs, staple guns, and thumbtacks. Hardcore wrestling was made popular around the 90's. It's also known as "Garbage wrestling" due to it's lack of technical skill that pure pro-wrestling has.

I dislike using the term "Garbage wrestling" because hardcore wrestling deserves more respect. In my opinion, hardcore wrestling takes more skill than pure pro-wrestling (one on one wrestling matches with standard rules). Some argue that it takes no talent for wrestlers to use various weapons on their opponents let alone get injured. This is an over-generalization. Hardcore legends such as Mick Foley, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Raven, etc. have made it to big promotions. While it might not take as much technical skill to bash each other with lamps as a pure wrestling match, there is skill in taking serious blows and falls.

Pro-wrestlers in other extreme promotions use fluorescent lamps, barbed wire, glass, wild animals like snakes and scorpions, fire, thumbtacks, C4, knives, tables, along with other dangerous weapons. When pro-wrestlers face opponents in a hardcore match, they have to be careful not to accidentally cut a major artery or stab a vital organ. They also must adapt to different situations such as a burning ring or falling off of a steel cage. Some of the same principles of pure pro-wrestling still apply to hardcore matches.

WWF/WWE stopped hosting hardcore matches as too many wrestlers were getting injured. Other promotions do not host them as often as anymore. Hardcore wrestling isn't as popular as it once was however it's still practiced by other indie pro-wrestlers. I realize it's not for everyone but hardcore wrestling deserves respect for it's gruesome and skillful nature nevertheless.

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