Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why the Undertaker vs. Sting needs to happen

The Phenom, the Undertaker vs. The Icon Sting at Wrestlemania 32 is a highly anticipated match though not as wanted as others. Both are on the verge of retirement and i deeply wish that WWE would book these two to come face to face in the ring. Here is my analysis behind this fantasy match: 

* Both have similar wrestling styles: 

Both are known for fighting off multiple foes, for their high flying moves, submission holds, high stamina, in-ring psychology, and speed. Both are also unpredictable when it comes to fierce competition.

* Both have wrestled in classic matches: 

The Undertaker faced the most popular wrestlers such as Kurt Angle, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Mankind, Kane, the Rock, Stone Cold, British Bulldog, Psycho Sid, and his greatest Wrestlemania matches against Shawn Michaels followed by Triple H. Sting has also made very memorable matches against Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Jeff Jarrett, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, DDP, and so on. The Undertaker and Sting have wrestled at main events countless times.

* Both have phenomenal in-ring psychology: 

The Undertaker is known for glaring at his opponents with cold and emotionless eyes, showing no pain in his face. He never backs down from any of his foes in the ring. Sting fights in a similar fashion only that he roars into his opponent's faces and beats his chest to show his dominance when fired up. Sting and the Undertaker intimidate their opponents well.

I will now discuss the differences in their careers in which they directly rival:

* Both are masters of mind games - Sting's mind games are focused on confusing his foes with bizarre tactics. The Undertaker's mind games are very theatrically impressive and often frightening as well as bewildering. The only difference is that Sting relies less on visual effects and more on his tampering of the psyche.

* Sting has won more titles - The Undertaker is an 8-time world champion (4-time WWF championship title, once a USWA United World Heavyweight Champion, and 3-time World Heavy Champion). Sting has won 25 championships holding the NWA World T.V title, NWA Heavyweight title, WCW International World Heavyweight title, WCW USA Heavyweight title, WCW World Heavyweight title, World Tag Team title, and others.

* The Scorpion deathlock could devastate the Undertaker - The Undertaker has tapped out before due to Bret Hart's Sharpshooter thus he has to protect his legs at all costs. If Sting can wear down the Undertaker if not make him tap, he has a slight advantage over the Undertaker. However, Hell's Gate may put Sting to rest once locked in.

* The Undertaker is stronger, but Sting is faster - There's no denying that the Undertaker is superior to Sting in terms of size and strength. However Sting despite being tall moves quicker than the Undertaker. Speed is a great equalizer to supreme power.

* Would Vince book Sting to win? - If Sting is willing to work with the WWE after he recovers from his injury. It seems that Sting still has much potential in the WWE world and doesn't intend on retiring just yet. Judging from a friendly interaction Sting and the Undertaker had off the record, it would seem the Undertaker may be willing to give Sting a push.

This match should absolutely happen and i truly hope WWE doesn't give up on the idea. Both are formidable opponents who would provide an epic challenge to each other. If it were to happen, it would bring back old WWE fans thus boosting ratings. It also has the potential under the right circumstances to be the most memorable match in Sting's career and a fitting end to the Undertaker's.  

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