Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How to get into pro-wrestling

If you are interested in getting into pro-wrestling but have no idea how to start, this guide should help. It might surprise you to know that when i was younger i used to have a love/hate relationship with pro-wrestling. I thought it was nothing more than senseless violence. I thought "what's the point in watching this?" until i learned more about it and ended up loving it.

What are some things that make wrestling unique?

* Theatrical performance - Unlike a movie or a show, it's not scripted. Sure the promos and backstage segments are, but not the action. No stuntmen, dialogue, etc. are given in the ring. It's all done by improvisation. Pro-wrestlers must rely on their creativity to entertain the crowd. Unlike other sports, pro-wrestling on gimmicks, dialogue, and other entertaining features.

* Fan/wrestler interactions - The downside to many t.v programs, games, and movies is that you have no control over what goes on. If you dislike an ending, you must deal with it. In Pro-Wrestling, you have a say on what goes on. You vote for who you want to be the next champ to hold a title and the wrestlers entertain you. In a live wrestling event, you can get close enough to touch your favorite pro-wrestlers. You interact with them. This doesn't happen as your seated in a cinema.  

* Never ending storylines - Movies and shows eventually come to a close. Pro-wrestling is forever. For as long as a wrestler lives, the storyline will continue until he or she dies. After that, a new generation of pro-wrestlers will appear on the screen. The cycle continues and that's what makes it so great.

* Real violence - While most actors practice safety first, wrestlers don't. Sure, much of what you see in wrestling is exaggerated but injuries still occur. There's also a diversity of match types and entertaining situations (ex. tag team matches, hell in a cell, last man standing, etc.). There is also much at stake such as careers, championship titles, streaks, etc.

Unlike most programs in which you must watch season after season to catch up with the story, you don't have to watch pro-wrestling every week to be devoted to it. You can choose to watch as little or as much as you want - period. Here's three easy steps to get into pro-wrestling.

1. Find a spark of interest - Research something that might interest you. Perhaps it's a favorite band, a wrestler, blood, politics, women, etc. Find a pro-wrestler that appeals to your tastes via fashion, personality, entertainment, etc. Pro-wrestling has a diversity of cultures, modes of fighting, and races so take your time exploring.

2. Distinguish fact from fantasy - It's easy to heed myths on pro-wrestling and get discouraged from watching it so it's important to discover the Truth for yourself. Do your research on whether pro-wrestling is real or not, the mechanics of a match, the ring, and so forth.

3. Build a suitable environment - You can choose to watch pro-wrestling on sites like YouTube or subscribe to WWE Network. Be sure to also connect with other pro-wrestling fans by socializing. Over time, you will want to keep up with wrestling events. No matter who you are, there's always a place for you when it comes to pro-wrestling.

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