Friday, January 15, 2016

TNA's 6-sided ring - yay or nay?

As of late, TNA took a poll asking fans whether or not they wanted the 6-sided ring back. There was a resounding yes but several wrestlers like Lance Storm expressed their disagreement. He wrote in a blog that the 6-sided ring was difficult to work with as it was small and more likely to injury wrestlers. The camera had to constantly change perspective and couldn't get a clear shot as well as a 4-sided ring. The wrestlers had limited moves to work with. Nonetheless it appears that TNA will bring back the 6-sided ring to please loyal fans.

In TNA's golden years, the six sided ring was what made IMPACT unique. It has set TNA apart from WWE. The six-sided ring is what made TNA famous and created die-hard fans. After TNA decided to switch to the 4-sided ring, ratings dropped. Shortly after, TNA IMPACT was rebranded into "Impact wrestling" as the business decided to change it's direction in the way it runs things.

It is very difficult to please both sides. On one side, i see no valid reason for pro-wrestlers like Austin Aries to object. If they knew they would have to wrestle in TNA's six sided ring, why sign a contract to work there in the first place? However, i do believe that TNA should strive to make everyone happy.

In my opinion, TNA should focus it's efforts in placing a new type of ring. Perhaps a 5 sided ring or a circular one. In this manner, it keeps the fans happy as it diverts from the traditional 4 sided ring. Certain accommodations can make pro-wrestlers less likely to strain their bodies and easier to wrestle. The main problem however is not the ring type, but the main events. It doesn't matter what kind of ring there is if TNA cannot properly use it's talented wrestlers on the roster. Impact Wrestling has declined in it's usage of talent and instead pushed ex-WWE superstars, turning TNA wrestlers into jobbers. Impact Wrestling is simply rehashing WWE and this is one of the reasons for it's downfall. The 4-sided ring is proof of that.

If TNA wants to be restored to it's former prestige, Dixie Carter must make some changes beginning with the ring.Even if it makes little difference overall, it still helped boost ratings. The other way to improve is to stop being so dependent on ex-WWE superstars and start developing original TNA talent. In summary, taking a different approach would be best for TNA and the ring should be a symbol of the company's uniqueness from WWE.

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