Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reconciliation with a violent past

I suffered through many violent episodes in the past from suicide to angry fantasies. I was involved in politics, war, and many other societal problems. The evil in the world was overwhelming me and the pressure was too much to take. I've personally grown from being an individual plagued by violence and rage to one who is calm. I no longer the need to act out in vengeance be it through war or self defense. I have become more peaceful and artistic through pro-wrestling. Violence shouldn't exist in real life, only in art. Precisely why i chose to be ignorant to many national call to arms. Sometimes the real heroes are the ones who entertain others alongside those who fight to defend us.

Pro-wrestling has become an outlet for negativity. It's become a way to reconcile with the past. Pro-wrestling has become an escape from reality and the art that transforms violence into a creative form of expressing human nature.

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