Sunday, January 10, 2016

My only problems with Lana Del Rey

I deeply love Lana Del Rey as an artist but there are a few flaws that i wish she could improve on. I consider her to be underrated compared to other mainstream artists and has so much potential as a talented individual. When she dropped "Ultraviolence", she reached the height of her musical maturity in her career. What saddens me is that she couldn't keep it consistent. That being said, i list the following problems i have with her:

* She reps other races - She's stated that she's a mixture of hispanic and other races aside from being white. While it may be true, critics are bashing her for it. I can totally understand why. Her intentions may be good but culturally appropriating other races is disrespectful. If she wants to be multicultural, i feel that she ought to demonstrate it. Simply speaking in Spanish will not automatically make her a cultural Cuban. She must show that she completely understands different cultures if she wants to gain more influence and respect.

* She's insecure - Dan Aucherbach, her record producer, lectured her before releasing "Ultraviolence." After he left, she went back to being lonely and insecure. I feel one of her flaws is that she lets others negatively influence her too much. I can see it by comparing "Ultraviolence" with her other releases and notice a big difference. "Ultraviolence" is her ideal sound. It is her voice. She doesn't need to experiment anymore with pop, trying to find who she is. With the pressure to make new music and competing for success, it's easy for her as a young woman to be swayed by it.

* She's a horrible girlfriend - Reading her bio, listening to her music, and learning about her past ex-boyfriends - she's toxic. My gut tells me she unhealthily dates guys with no intention of marrying them so she can write a love song about them later. Worse, she picks the men who are abusive to her. I'm concerned more about her emotional and mental well-being than listening to her break up songs. I feel she could do much more writing songs about one successful relationship while still carrying the past with her.

Other than that, she's an amazing artist. My hope is that she would realize where her flaws are and grow as an individual.

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