Monday, January 25, 2016

Why i don't watch modern WWE

I grew up around the Attitude era and Ruthless Aggression era of pro-wrestling. You can call me an old timer. All i do is relive old pro-wrestling matches from the early 1900's and early 2000's. I love school wrestlers such as the Undertaker, Kane, Stone Cold, Raven, and some new school wrestlers such as Batista, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, the list goes on. My impression of pro-wrestling was going well until one day i saw a heavily sanitized match between Sheamus and another wrestler. It was plain boring and cringe-worthy. Moreover, i watched John Cena brutally attack masked Kane as he escaped through the crowd. I was shocked and very disappointed at how WWE completely ruined Kane's image. Kane would never in his entire career be reduced to that level. The last straw was seeing how much the popularity has gone down leading to Vince McMahon's decision to make WWE family-friendly.

That being said, there's a list of reasons on why i can't stand the new wrestling and why other loyal fans can't either. The first being is that matches are no longer entertaining. When i see wrestlers get in the ring, something is missing. I no longer feel the fire and the passion that once existed. It's as if wrestlers nowadays are just doing it to get paid. I feel an emptiness when i watch them battle in the ring. It's not entertaining. Occasionally i find some crazy stunts in matches such as the Lucha Dragons vs. the Dudley boys but most of the time, it's predictable. Wrestlers like Roman Reigns give off such a strong impression but when i see him in the ring - he is terrible! He performs a corny signature move called "the superman punch!" Most of his moves are typical and unimpressive. Divas such as Paige also lack talent despite looking great in appearance. Sure she has some good moves but she doesn't stand out. She gets tossed and slapped around in the ring like a jobber. Perhaps she has better luck in NXT or other promotions but not in WWE.

The other reason is that WWE picked writers who know nothing about wrestling. You cannot pick mediocre writers to create storylines exclusive to pro-wrestling and not expect to lose die-hard fans. The storylines are plain boring. Not to mention that there is no new talent being created. Instead, old school wrestlers such as John Cena and Triple H are being pushed too much. I dislike new school wrestlers such as the Lucha dragons but i also don't want the same old wrestlers to be WWE's saving grace.

I understand that viewers don't want to stay in the past and tune into modern wrestlers but history is important. Do i think that WWE should go back to the Attitude era? No but i do think they should base their decisions based on what worked in the past and build the future accordingly. Perhaps they need to change how they market themselves and slightly change pro-wrestling to dominate other popular sports. I believe that embracing ancient history builds our identity and shapes our future. For that reason, i choose to watch the old wrestling because fans are ignorant of it. There's so many other promotions and wrestlers who's revolutionary talent go vastly unnoticed. There's so much to learn from the old wrestling that will help us better understand the new.

Several wrestlers and fans are also disappointed with how WWE runs things now. My hope is that promotions such as NXT will lead pro-wrestling into a brand new golden era full of creativity while still entertaining a new generation.

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