Sunday, January 31, 2016

The dynamics of a pro-wrestling match:

While the winner is determined in pro-wrestling and the matches are scripted, this does not mean that there is no legitimate fighting involved. Some pro-wrestlers such as Brock Lesnar apply real mixed martial art techniques to their pro-wrestling maneuvers. Many people including wrestling fans sometimes fail to understand how pro-wrestling matches go about. Pro-wrestling still goes by a logical approach in order to be entertaining and realistic. To start, a wrestler's skill is determined by his or her skill to make moves look realistic and painful without actually hurting an opponent. 

The rules to a pro-wrestling match are usually simple. Pro-wrestlers can win either by pinning an opponent or make him or her tap out through a submission hold based on a referee's decision. If a referee gets to a three count when an opponent is pinned, the match is over and the opponent pinned loses. If a pro-wrestler is in a submission hold, the referee will raise his or her arm and drop it until the count of 10. If he or she does not keep the arm in the air by ten counts, the referee will assume he or she is unconscious and therefore the loser. A pinfall or submission cannot be done under the ropes or if an opponent is touching them. Neither pro-wrestler can stay out of the ring too long. The referee will count to ten until one or both pro-wrestlers loses due to forfeiting the match. Illegal moves such as biting or low blows will result in a disqualification on behalf of the pro-wrestler.  

When pro-wrestlers enter the ring, they are presumably pumped up and ready to wrestle. They must be in a certain position as soon as the bell rings. If either one fails to react to attacks, this gives an opponent the upper hand to strike. The pace of the match is usually quick at first but slows down. Each pro-wrestler will continue to deliver blows, signature moves, submissions, etc. to wear down opponents and causing strain or injury to certain body parts. Ultimately, one pro-wrestler will execute a finishing move which will incapacitate his or her opponent thus allowing for the opportunity to win by pinfall or even KO.

What makes pro-wrestling matches exciting? There are many factors involved such as the size, power, strength, agility, experience, stamina, cleverness, unpredictability, and abilities of each pro-wrestler. Each of them can use almost anything as a weapon even gravity and momentum. There is no telling if a pro-wrestler will cheat to win or if outside interference will cost one the match. There's no telling if a pro-wrestler will flee from the match or continue fighting. The questions "How will my favorite pro-wrestler handle such a situation? How will he or she survive this?" lingers in the minds of the viewers. One weakly delivered finisher can cost a pro-wrestler the match. One slight miscalculation can lead to loss or worse, serious injury or death. Ultimately, there's no way to know how far each competitor will go to win. 

I've seen many pro-wrestlers perform the most outrageous and extreme moves just to win a match or a title. It's led me to the edge of my seat. It is for these reasons and more that makes pro-wrestling entertaining and intense for me. Most of all, what draws me is the passion and the will-power to thrive in the ring. 

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